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"The happiness of your life depends on the nature of your thoughts"
(Marc Aurel)


In every healthy person reside all the abilities and resources to lead a good life. We are able to develop coping strategies in order to deal with the adversities and inconsistencies of life. This automatically has a positive impact on us and on our environment: The company we work in, the systems we live in. Thus, we add value to our workplace, to our lives and to society.

That is why I work as a coach. I believe in people, their abilities and in the positive power of diversity, variety of perspectives and cultural richness.

In order to support you, your company, your employees or even private people with conviction and drive, I am at your disposal with a focus on health, growth, resource and impulse.


Why I Work

My beliefs

By nurturing important self-control functions, we can be more farsighted and precise, more appreciative and tolerant, more prudent and empathetic with each other. In this way, we promote mental health, in ourselves and in our personal and professional environments. These are my beliefs.

We are the authorities in our minds. Each individual can determine which attitude to take, which decision to make and which action to perform. It is in our hands!

Of course, the road can be bumpy, there can be setbacks, strokes of fate and crises. With hindsight, we can always look at an opportunity, a sudden coincidence, a positive aspect. We just have to do it!




What I Do

Key Topics


Resilience and mental fitness are basic requirements for working and acting in this complex and volatile world. Your leaders and their teams should be resilient and healthy in order to keep your company attractive and competitive. Workshops and trainings on Leadership and Health, Resilience, Self-Care, Individual Stress Management or Conflict Management strengthen staff and leadership. This makes your company as a whole stronger and more resistant to pressure. Being solution-oriented in times of crisis, keeping one’s cool and strong self-soothing abilities are skills that foster more than ever our mental health! Moreover, recruiting strategies must consider that the young Gen Z is keen on health promoting activities.

In order to make entire teams or management teams more resilient, 'Walk your Brain' is a suitable introduction to a healthier corporate culture!


Constantly changing conditions require flexible approaches, quick reaction times and new competencies so that your leaders and teams can meet the demands of the future. Change is always an opportunity. Only if your managers and employees are willing to participate in shaping your corporate culture, transformations can actually take place. Which personal style and parameters are crucial and necessary to let your company grow? With the help of potential analysis and personality development according to the standards of current brain research we can support your executives and employees on their development journey. Individually and/or together, in single or team settings, thus enabling your company to gain the real competitive advantage.


The knowledge of personal or corporate resources is indispensable to achieve sustainable performance. Often, we are not aware of our own and corporate resources. With the help of the resource "nature", basic self-control competences can be strengthened. For this purpose, we go for a walk. In individual coaching or team coaching we set goals resourcefully in "Walk & Talks". Important mechanisms and patterns are uncovered and checked for their meaningfulness. Self-control in individuals and teams is an important prerequisite for health, willingness to perform, motivation and solution orientation. Resource management for the individual also strengthens the energy balance in your company.


To present information and knowledge in an interesting way and to make it available to a wide audience needs eloquence, spontaneity and a bit of wit. In your company there are many possibilities to offer this kind of "infotainment". It is the content that counts! Sometimes the topic is just not that amusing, but still very relevant. Around our mental fitness, impulse lectures on "Burnout", "Mental Load", "Stress grows in the head" and "Resilience" make absolute sense to sensitize and to de-taboo. We also can approach certain questions like "What does leadership actually have to do with health?" or "Is New Work healthier than other work models?". Show in your company that you like to have your finger on the pulse!

How I Work

Methods & Models


I consider myself to be strong presenter and communicative, analytical and action-oriented. Through my years of experience abroad, I am multilingual and familiar with different cultures. This has strengthened my empathy on several levels and sharpened my sensitivity to differences. I understand how to completely tune in to my counterpart, to either push forward or show restraint, to keep my communication in the appropriate resonance with values, knowledge and attitudes at eye level. There is no regular action in a coaching process. This is designed flexibly and according to the situation.


I work with the development-oriented system diagnostics according to Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl (University of Osnabrück). This method has the advantage that it looks at over 100 personality traits separately and measures their expression in different contexts and interactions (EOS online test). This allows statements to be made about the genetic fingerprint of a personality, its stress level as well as goal-oriented self-control competencies and the basic psychological motives (assertion, achievement, relationship) on a conscious and unconscious level. This procedure can explain behavior and the causes of behavior.


Based on the findings of EOS diagnostics, I coach my clientele mainly according to the CoulouREM method. This method is based on the PSI theory (Personality System Interaction) developed by Prof. Julius Kuhl, on the theory of dynamic competencies by Prof. Dr. Kurt Fischer (Harvard University) and on the personality theory of the psychoanalyst Erik Erikson (Berkeley and Harvard University). CoulouREM is a neurofunctional, systemic coaching concept, developed by Dr. Kerstin Liesenfeld in 2006.

Action control model

The action control model was also developed by Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl. It is based on the four major brain areas, which combine different functions. The so-called "doer" is responsible for intuitive behavior as well as the implementation of intentions and allows activities to run routinely. The "controller" can perform detailed error detection, immediately recognizes discrepancies and warns us. The "manager" is responsible for the overview of our inner system, determines our objectives, stores our experiential knowledge and uses it to find suitable solutions to problems. The "planner" structures the set goal, divides it into milestone parts and thus prepares the smooth fulfillment of our intentions. This model makes it easier to deal with complicated, emotionally difficult and seemingly hopeless issues.

Clearing Blockages

Wingwave coaching works with the interconnection of brain areas in the waking state to mimic the effects of the brain's processing phase (REM phase = Rapid Eye Movement). The interconnectedness of the brain hemispheres alleviates stress in a short time and creates space for more solution orientation.

Trainings and Workshops

My trainings and workshops are based on the latest findings of brain research and learning strategies. Knowledge is gathered from the participants, new information is added, what has been learned is playfully reviewed and consolidated in the "consolidation muscle" of the brain with the help of short relaxation sessions.

In advance it is very important to question the needs of my clientele, so that I can conceptualize the trainings in a target-oriented way. There are no standardized training programs off-the-shelf.

Who I Am

About Me

I have been a Coach since 2009. My profession is my vocation. I see myself as an “enabler” for change processes that people want to accomplish at their own pace, in their own way, when they feel it is necessary. Every coaching process should be voluntary and have a personal meaning. The Coachee develops criteria for a successful coaching. This is the only way which guarantees that the intervention will become plausible and valuable for future behavior. Coaching can take place in an individual setting or in a collective or corporate context. In any case, it is related to the restoration, maintenance and prevention of health, clarity and freedom.



  • Born in 1968
  • Banker
  • Doctor in Political Science
  • DVNLP Mental and Health Coach
  • Wingwave Coach
  • CoulouREM Certification
  • Personality-System-Interaction Consultant (PSI)
  • Scrum Master
  • Working experience in Sales, Customer Services, Human Resources, Research and Teaching


"Stefanie inspires with her energy and passion. She radiates calm and power, in the individual setting and in the group. She leads and accompanies, while holding the reins, at the same time allowing the flow and following the dynamics. She can analyze the situation in detail and mindfully bring things to the point."

Andrea Steinmeier, Key Account Manager DACH Vecos

“Ms. Mann does not see her vocation in proclaiming eternal truths about leadership and conflict resolution, but helps everyone to develop their own leadership style and regulation strategies. When I went for a walk with Ms. Mann, I was more open and the conversations took different courses."

Dr. Klaus-Peter Stiller, Managing Director of Bundesarbeitgeberverband Chemie e.V.

"Ms. Mann accompanies our photographers with coping strategies for difficult tasks such as war reporting, our management on the topic of resilient leadership, some teams on team building and individual colleagues are coached individually. In a short time, our collaboration and culture has changed positively. Her language skills and intercultural competence are particularly valuable."

Sandra Bonow-Zöpke, Director International Human Resources, European Pressphoto Agency B.V.
European Pressphoto Agency B.V.

"As an impulse generator, Ms. Mann professionally accompanied and guided our workshop. Our gain in knowledge was really great. With energy and humor, she supported the good and constructive cooperation, so that we can continue the common path to equal opportunities with joy."

Ruth Weckenmann, Head of Equal Opportunities on the Labor Market, Federal Employment Agency, Regional Office Baden-Württemberg

“Stefanie has a talent for finding the right questions and words and making me reflect. Whenever I was looking for answers or solutions, I always found that I actually already knew them, just wasn't ready to deal with them. With Stefanie's coaching it is easier to face your issues, to process them and then to look ahead with motivation!”

Alexandra Sokolowski, VP Sales Space Products at AAC Clyde Space

"With her high level of competence and broad wealth of experience, Stefanie manages to explain the often challenging situations for a manager in a simple way and present options for action. Due to her friendly and trustworthy manner, working with her is very efficient, easy and on top of that a lot of fun!"

Guido Blech, Head of Proprietary Equipment, Air Liquide Global E&C Solutions Germany GmbH

"Whether in presence or remote, Dr. Mann manages to integrate all participants, to respond flexibly to needs and to accompany them through the topics with her calm, friendly manner. In addition to providing valuable impulses, she also gives participants plenty of space to exchange ideas and discover their own resources."

Juliana Büchert, Work and Organizational Psychologist, Executive Department Health, Mainova AG

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